Adobe Illustrator Extensions

Available for download from Adobe Exchange Marketplace. These are extensions I built to help with my professional work and I want to share them with other Illustrator users. They are all well reviewed!

Note they aren't compatible with the latest version of AI,
but I will be updating them soon

I also provide AI Scripting services for businesses. If you have comments or requests, contact me below

CapSize - $14

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  • Set type by Cap height,
    x-height or Char size
  • Measure any character
  • Use Architectural scales
  • Do more with Zoomize & future Add-ons

Zoomize - Free!

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  • Zoom screen to real world size
  • Zoom 1:1 or architectural scales set in CapSize
  • Zoom artwork to a defined size without resizing selection

AlignCap - Free!

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  • Align type to other objects by the cap height
  • Center Caps perfectly to selected geometry
  • Free

What Users Are Saying

By Simon Strom - July 26, 2019 (AlignCap Version 1.0.2)


Two of this developers plug-ins are a must have for anybody working in the sign industry. I've had to use work arounds for cap height and alignment for decades. This makes my job so much easier and quicker. This plug-in truly aligns to the cap height and not the bounding box. Brilliant.

By ANDREI CRISTESCU - August 9, 2019 (CapSize Version 1.2.5)

Thank you

This plug-in is a must have for me now. I also had to find the "x" size manually and to adjust then the font size was time consuming. I am very thankful for this plug-in!

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