Music rhythm game for Mac®

Rock Band & Guitar Hero tracks but on your Mac

Noice is a free music rhythm game like Phase Shift or Clone Hero but made exclusively for MacOS

Play a session of Pro Drums (or regular) with your favorite MIDI drum kit, or 5-lane Guitar & Bass with a guitar controller or computer keyboard. You can also play Piano tracks in guitar mode

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Browse your music library in style

Find the right song in your sprawling music catalog fast with intuitive 3D navigation. Don't just scroll up & down like a regular boring list, but also scroll sideways to quickly jump to the adjacent letter in the alphabet.

screenshot of main song menu showing the song Let Down by Radiohead selected
Song selection menu
screenshot of list menu showing selection of You Really Got Me by The Kinks
List menu showing recently played songs
screenshot of song detail menu - Get Lucky by Daft Punk
Detail view with gameplay options

Keep the music flowing

While the song menu is a joy to use, you can choose to play a random song instead for uninterrupted gameplay. Continue randomizing till you see a song you fancy, or if you see an artist you like choose a random song from that artist. This is my favorite way to enjoy noice

Screenshot of Drums gameplay (no score or multiplier achieved)
noice game screenshot of drum track played with midi input controller

Made for Mac on Mac

Noice is made with SceneKit and renders with Metal, but also takes advantage of other Mac native frameworks like CoreData to manage large music databases and scores. Songs are handled by AVPlayer and supports native formats like m4a & mp3s for fast hardware level decoding. Keeping noice light weight