Noice - Music Game for Mac

Noice is a fun, free Music Game like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Unlike other RB/GH clones, noice is built 100% for Mac using only MacOS native frameworks and written in Swift

When I say "free", I mean absolutely free - I do not place ads on this website, or in my download links, or in the game, or in my youtube channel. If you enjoy the game I do appreciate spreading the word by liking a video, tweeting about noice, or leave me a comment just so I know people are enjoying it

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Version 1.2 - Getting Better

Release Notes download button for latest version of noice

System Requirements

A Mac that supports Metal

Catalina (Mac OS 10.5) or higher is recommended

Noice can run on High Sierra (Mac OS 10.3), but untested and user feedback is appreciated so I can fix any issues


NOTE: All of this will be more user friendly in the future but I'm a one man team. In the meantime, this is the situation

Music Library

File Format

Noice supports Phase Shift/Clone Hero folder structures - I DO NOT distribute these files. While the OGG format works well, converting to m4a or mp3 has better performance

Converting Oggs

- This is not required, but recommended -

You can use any method you prefer but I made a folder Workflow that works with ffmpeg to facilitate conversion. To use it, first download and install ffmpeg from You can also install ffmpeg with homebrew (this is my prefered method)

Download and expand

Place "Convert All Oggs.workflow" inside ~/Library/Services/ or open it with Automator Installer (should be the default)

You can then right click on any folder containing Oggs or on a single Ogg file and select "Convert All Oggs" from the menu. A progress icon will show up in the Menu Bar. This will not delete the original files

If you didn't install with homebrew, you might get an error that ffmpeg can't be found. Open a Terminal window and type in 'which ffmpeg', copy the resulting path, open "Convert All Oggs.workflow" in Automator and replace "/opt/homebrew/bin/ffmpeg" with the copied path

File Location

Place music folders inside ~/Music/noice/
If you already have a library elsewhere (like for clone hero), you can make an alias of that folder instead of moving files

Note this folder is not made automatically so create this folder. Noice does not write or modify any files on your computer except for the CoreData it manages. After you've added files, Noice will index them on startup

Sample Files

I can't distribute any charts or music files. If you don't have any charts of your own you can download the sample library below to test out the noice user interface

Download Sample Library

Expand the zip file and place the "noice" folder inside your Music folder as instructed above. Note there won't be any song previews when navigating covers and you won't be able to play the chart


Roland electronic drums are supported - for other programmable drum kits see midi notes below

- Aside from Drums, no other instrument controllers have been added as I only play drums. I am planning to add support for Guitar controllers, but for now you can use a Mac keyboard or you can use a gamepad app to map the keys below to your controller of choice

Navigation and Pro Drums

keyboard mapping for menu selection

Strings + Drums

keyboard mapping for gameplay

Contact me

If you run into any issues, feel free to ask me directly or leave a comment below

email: [email protected]

Twitter: @artecolote (mecdos)

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